man with outstretched arms holding airplane propellers depicting leadership

“If something is important enough, even if the odds
are against you, you should still do it.”

-- Elon Musk

Meet Our Leadership Team

Rose Saxena


Rose Saxena

Having over 25 years’ business experience, Rose is a seasoned leader in delivering successful outcomes. With a unique blend of management, technical, creative, and business skills, she effectively defines and delivers innovative solutions with a passion for exceeding customer expectations. With a keen focus on project planning, requirements, and development, Rose works closely with our clients to bring the highest value and success to their projects.

Prior to Komaya, Rose worked in the financial services sector, where she was responsible for managing the software development life cycle (SDLC), collaborating with executives, marketing, and product teams to develop new products, create unique enhancements to existing products, and accelerate time to market.  She has been involved in all aspects of product development, project & product management, release management, and production support.

Rose fosters open and collaborative interactions.  In the words of a service partner: “Rose consistently demonstrated professionalism and technical expertise in the six plus years that I interfaced with her… she is an open communicator that is well respected”

Expertise: Requirements Analysis, Project Planning, Delivery & Deployment, Customer Success, Product Management, Software Development Life Cycle, Product Research

Saurabh Zack Saxena


Saurabh Saxena

Saurabh is a performance-driven business strategist and proven leader. As a post-graduate in business management, along with 20 plus years of technical experience, he is uniquely positioned to provide insights and solutions for the toughest business challenges. Saurabh has extensive experience designing and architecting commercial software solutions. He has led his teams to create exciting visual designs and top-notch user experiences for clients around the world.

Saurabh is a passionate explorer.  He likes to dig into technology and discover the best solution for each situation. Being a driving force as a solution architect, laser focused on human-centered design and surrounding research, he also loves to get his hands dirty in object oriented coding and scripting. Some of his leading-edge solutions have won industry awards.

As a Marketing colleague said about Saurabh: “Saurabh is an innovative, hardworking, intelligent, and generous individual who is always eager to be on the cutting edge of new technologies and information. I am continuously impressed with Saurabh’s willingness to assist with anything.”

Expertise: Strategic Planning, Team Leadership, Solution Design & Development, User Experience, Creative Design, Go-To-Market Strategy, Microsoft Certified – MCSD


Sean Caras

Business Development and User Experience Design

Sean Caras

With a degree in Business and Marketing, combined with 25 years’ experience in the technology sector, Sean is adept at uniquely bringing design and technology together to support and add value to the client’s marketing vision and goals, helping to distinguish them in the market. He has an extensive background crafting intuitive, highly usable, innovative and fresh solutions.

Sean brings a broad range of design and software experience to Komaya spanning many industries: from an animated learning portal, secure multiplayer game shows, marketing mobile applications, video training portals, to complex application processes, and more. He works extensively with business development, marketing, technology, and other teams, collaborating every step of the way from concept, design, build, and delivery, to ensure an engaging experience and successful project launch.

Expertise: Business Relationship, Market Strategy, Solution Design, User Advocacy, Team Leadership, Information Architecture, Agile Methodologies

Teddy Nonis

Business Development

Teddy is a result driven, a self-motivated and resourceful manager with a proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams in order to maximize company performance. Experienced leading and growing all sectors of a business to make it a dynamic and progressive organization. He possesses excellent communication skills and keen ability in establishing sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders across the world.

Teddy is a far-sighted individual with excellent business development skills and hands-on knowledge of directing the activities of all types of projects.  He provides insights and guidance in support of the company’s strategic alliances and marketing strategies. He has direct experience supervising employees across different departments in order to facilitate the process of product delivery.

Expertise: Business Development, Operations, Project Management, Team Leadership

Subodh Saxena


Subodh Saxena

As President, AirWire India a wholly owned subsidiary of AirWire Technologies, Subodh is co-creating innovative mobile networking devices through cross-border collaboration. He acquired expertise in fraud management & revenue assurance solutions for Telcos and gesture recognition technologies for mobile devices in advisory roles with cVidya Networks, Israel & eyeSight Technologies, Israel. Subodh has strong expertise in policy, regulation, market and technology roadmaps in the IT & Telecom sectors. He belongs to Indian Telecom Service and was the President of Reliance Telecom / Infocomm (Reliance Communications) from 2000 through 2005. In that role, he orchestrated positioning Reliance as a national level telecom services provider.

Subodh has rich experience in evolving start-up organizations, such as MTNL, TCIL, Reliance Infocomm, Smartfren Telecom Indonesia, Hayat Communications UAE and AirWire Technologies USA into successful enterprises through ingenious & tactical initiatives. He continues to sharpen his analysis of the IT & Telecom landscape and emerging scenario through interactions with a select panel of specialists & participation in important industry events worldwide. As Scholar Member (representing top 11% professionals) of Gerson Lehrman Group Telecom Council, he has completed several important consultancy projects for business, Government and investment leaders, shaping the IT & Telecom industry. He is also engaging in dynamic exchanges and providing consultancy through Guidepoint Global & DeMatteo Monness networks.

Subodh has obtained BSc, BE & MBA degrees from reputed institutes. He is a recipient of Alumni Achievement Award (AIM AAA), the highest honor to an alumnus by Asian Institute of Management, Philippines.

Thomas Casselberry


Thomas CasselberryA seasoned leader and exceptionally capable technologist having more than 25 years of hands-on technical leadership and business experience. Thomas has grown and lead both technical and non-technical leaders and teams all over the world with a particular emphasis in the United States and India. His direct technical experience in developing commercial software and solutions has given him a unique ability to create and grow wholly new business opportunities with direct contributions of greater than 11M in annual recurring revenue.

In addition to his business and management background, Thomas is a ceaseless learner who carries many current certifications. He has consulted with many companies whose core competencies include: CRM, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Analytics, Big Data (NoSQL), Technical Staffing, and Operational Reporting. He has the ability to convey, and often times transfer, his passion for people, technology, and company success to others.

Thomas has worked in the technical sector where he was responsible for setting architectural direction and held various technical positions and acted in a variety of capacities. As one executive colleague stated about Thomas: “His commitment and loyalty are unparalleled. No matter the challenge or technology…you will want Thomas on your team!”.