Rainy Day Cheesery

Wireframe sketch design for Rainy Day Cheesery website
wireframe graph paper backgroundlight gray band backgroundWireframe sketch design for Rainy Day Cheesery products website

Low & high fidelity wireframes, personas & what-if scenarios

light gray band backgroundcreative mockup of students sitting in classroom

Concept, Create & Captivate

Wireframes and Mockups


Using your ideas and Komaya’s design expertise, we help bring concepts to life. Creating wireframes and mockups to illustrate an idea, bring elements together, and design user interactions is a quick and low-cost way to visually portray various user scenarios and validate the design before costly time is spent building the actual application.



  • UX Driven Development

    User persona and scenario examples
  • Hi-Fidelity Designs

    creative mockup of child sitting on classroom floor doing activities
  • Next Gen Desktop Application Working Prototypes