Looking to maximize your web presence and impact?

Today’s marketplace expects brands to not only have a website, but to have a complete web presence encompassing search engines (SEO), an intuitive website, and active social media channels. Having a captivating web presence requires addressing these 3 areas in parallel.

Be discovered, engaged, and connected with your target audience. Komaya will design a complete solution that helps promote your brand; including web presence strategy, website design, and market reach.

Let us take you beyond the status quo

search engine optimization depicted with a magnifying glass

Search Engine Optimization

Don’t miss out on helping people find your business. Komaya’s marketing team will do a deep-dive to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your brand’s web presence. We know what search engines need and help our clients implement best practices.

engaging website depicted with a person looking at computer monitor

Engaging Website

What happens once someone lands up on your website? Komaya’s web design team knows how to create unique, engaging, and clear messaging so that visitors will want to learn more about your brand and offering. From concept to completion, we are passionate about creating extraordinary websites.

connect on social media depicted with speech bubbles

Social Media Strategy

How do you stay connected with your clients? Today’s business is built on awareness, trust, and confidence. It’s important to be present with and responsive to your clients. Komaya can put together a targeted solution that will help ensure you stay connected.

Keywords & Paid Advertising Guidance

As part of a holistic solution, we will also research and provide guidance on keywords and paid advertising for your industry to get your advertisements in the right places and in front of the right people.