The Loan People mortgage company believes in providing personalized services to loan seekers to help guide them through the mortgage process. With their dedicated service and decades of experience, the Loan People know how to get their clients the best rates, coupled with an easy and convenient process.

The Story

As a growing mortgage company, The Loan People wanted a complete rebuild of their initial website to better reflect their brand and personalized services. They contacted Komaya with the desire to create a new modern site that is also scalable for future needs.

How We Helped

Komaya worked closely with the client to understand their business, their clients, and their website needs. We then developed the project plan to rebuild the website and launch it on a new platform that would be highly flexible and customizable, that would scale and grow along with their business.

Project details included:

  • Utilizing a flexible architecture that allows for growth, and future interactions with outside services, such as a customer relationship management (CRM) system and email integration.
  • Designing a clean & modern look and feel website, incorporating their branding voice and messaging.
  • Creating a cohesive user experience and interaction through easy to use navigation, clear call-to-actions (CTA), consistent design elements, behavior, and content flow.
  • Implementing effective tools and techniques to help increase website discoverability.