The Top Website Mistakes That Almost Every Company Makes

Top website mistakes almost every company makes

A solid website is one of the most important assets to a company. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the proper way to set up an efficient website. Read about some of the top website mistakes almost every company makes, so you can avoid them on your next web redesign.

Why Social Media is Changing Buying Decisions

why social media is changing buying decisions image depicted by mobile device with social icons

Today’s business is built on awareness, trust, and confidence. It’s important to be present with and responsive to your clients.  Social media is changing buying decisions and is an increasingly important way for businesses to connect with people. Having a social media plan should be an integral part of your marketing strategy to build your web presence. Take a look at a few points for you to consider.

A Holistic Approach to Having an Effective Web Presence

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When you’re working on your web presence, and the strategy for it, you need to remember that a holistic approach is always the best one.  By taking a step back and looking at the larger picture, your business will be healthier overall.

Five Tips to Make Your Social Media Extra Engaging

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How do you make your social media work for you? With Christmas approaching, businesses large and small all around the country are trying their best to attract sales, in whatever ways possible.  Here are five tips to make your social media extra engaging.