two smiling women with flowers depicting do you know your customer

Do you know your customer? To create and run an effective marketing strategy it is essential to know your target customers. Here are a couple of things to consider when thinking about your customer.

image of man looking at computer with green banner text depicting do your customers understand your business

Do Your Customers Understand Your Business? Whether your customers are not returning or are not converting, the “why” is likely the same.  Customers may not understand your business, what you do, how you help them, and why you can be valuable to their operation. Find out how your website might be contributing to this problem.

As business owners and managers, our problem isn’t usually that we don’t get things done, it’s typically more of a conceptual issue. Here we discuss 5 Ways to Run Your Business Better & More Effectively.

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In this comprehensive guide to building content on your website, we discuss the value of high-quality content, how to utilize the content planning framework, and provide a few tips on content creation.