Social media has become a significant part of everyday life, but for many small and medium businesses, social media has not yet been implemented into their general marketing. This is sometimes because they don’t understand how best to use it or because there is some reluctance.

However, social media matters and can have a significant impact on your business. Here are ten reasons why:

1. A quarter of all time spent online is on social media

Social interactions, therefore, stand a great chance of introducing your brand to potential customers as they use their favorite social media network.

2. Improve your page rank on search engines

Having a social presence such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, can help with page indexing while likes, shares, retweets and other metrics can help you rank higher on any search engine.

3. It’s an important way to connect with your customers

Customers are increasingly using social media to complain or compliment about interactions with a brand. They also expect brands to promptly acknowledge or respond to their concerns.

4. You can gain valuable customer insightssocial media client insight and trust

The best social media campaigns can collect information such as the demographics your brand is attracting, what information your audience is reading, and the topics of interest to them.

5. Increase brand loyalty

With greater customer loyalty, not only will they continue to be your customer, they will also help spread the word about your brand within their circle of influence.

6. Greater reach

An email campaign has limited reach, you can only send emails to those who have opted in, and your website is limited to those who use similar search terms and where your page is ranked. Social media has the potential to spread your marketing messages far and wide.

7. Highly targeted

Social media campaigns can be highly targeted. This might include age, gender, location, and their general interests. This gives you more chance to attract the best leads and sell to an audience that is interested in your brand.

8. Improve website traffic

Using the right content, you can attract customers to read more content on your website and once there, you can convert them into better leads or even make the sale.

9. You can keep an eye on your competitors

Keeping one eye on your competitors can be a great way to ensure you maintain an edge in your industry.

10. Build relationships and trust

Trust is a fundamental component of sales in today’s modern world. Use social media to build relationships and trust, so your audience knows what to expect from you and thinks only about your business when they have a related need.

Are you using social media to drive your business’s success? What is keeping you back from using social media to its full potential?

Let us know in the comments below.

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