Having good productivity is important. The greater your productivity, the higher your revenue and the lower your unit cost. However, many businesses struggle to get high levels of productivity.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Elon Musk is my favorite example of someone who has found a way to be highly productive. He has one secret strategy for this, that he has shared in interviews.


The first thing that Elon Musk does every day is spend half-an-hour dealing with critical emails. He looks for things that need to be done at once, or they might set back his day if left undone.

Another important task he does is schedule his day. He looks at what tasks are required for the day. He will ignore the tasks that won’t add any value to the final product and will do the tasks that will make the most impact first.

Your Business

The same needs to be said for your business. You should separate your tasks into three categories: critical, must do, and not important. Everything that is not important should be ignored, and then you do all the tasks starting with the critical list.

This might be more challenging if you are used to handling tasks on a First In – First Out basis. However, this is rather unproductive, and it can mean there are lost opportunities. Instead, you must schedule everything.

Don’t Forget Downtime

It is important also to remember that you need downtime. Be sure to take time away from your business to relax. Elon Musk has several hobbies and interests that allow him to take a break from the business. This downtime can make you more productive when you are at work.

What are your productivity tips? What do you do to relax?

Let us know in the comments below.

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