The title sounds a bit complicated, but so is the subject.  You have a growing business, and you’re already spending a lot of your time brainstorming and planning your goals for the future.  You know that a large portion of those goals involves your online presence.  Without an effective online presence, your company won’t continue to grow in today’s market.   But, you are extremely busy, so how do you know what things you can take care of yourself versus which things you should farm out to another employee, subcontractor, agency, or business?

Here are some things to consider when making the important decisions of time management and online presence:


  1. It is better to work smarter and not harder
    I’ve seen companies repeat the same work over and over again rather than once-and-done. For example, if you don’t have a transparent logo— and each time you want to use your logo somewhere, you are spending a couple of minutes “cropping out the white space” around it, that’s not a good use of your time. If it’s a task that can be reused, you may want to consider doing it the right way, so it will save time in the future. As for the logo example, if this means hiring someone to make a transparent logo for you, get it done.
  2. Expertise always costs less than doing it yourself
    This seems counterintuitive, but it’s true. If you hire an expert that can knock out the task in a day or less, or perhaps even an hour or less, isn’t that worth far more than the amount of time you’d spend to learn how to do the thing in the first place? You need to consider the value of your time and the amount of time you’ll spend personally on the project. If it’s not something you know exactly how to do, you need to seriously consider hiring someone who knows what they’re doing. You wouldn’t walk into a diner and ask for a lobster, you would go to the seafood restaurant for that. People specialize in certain things for a reason, and everyone wins by allowing each other to showcase their own talents.
  3. The experts have tools that you don’t
    It’s important to understand that the experts often have the equipment that you don’t have. If you wanted to make a t-shirt, you probably wouldn’t want to sit at home and color on a shirt with a paint pen, because it wouldn’t look very professional. You may try to sit around at home and figure out how to work a vinyl cutter or computer program to make the shirt, but that may take hours and still yield results that are slightly off-center. The best thing is to go to someone who has a t-shirt press. Just like a t-shirt factory, web experts have valuable design tools, tools for adding captions and logos to videos, post scheduling tools, and so on. It may not be worth it for you to buy the proper tools if you’re only going to use them sporadically. It’s better to let the experts pay for them and use them for all of their clients, and then everyone benefits.

There are still things that you can do yourself, and fortunately, there are some amazing tools that make that task easier for you (we’ve listed a couple examples below), but above all— you know what you can and cannot do effectively.  If your finished project is not going to be something that will wow your potential clients, you need to hire someone who will. And at the end of the day, wowing your customers is worth its weight in gold.

Online Tools to Try to DIY:

  • Canva — Graphic Design & GIF Creation —  free, $12.99 a month pro subscription
  • Magisto — Add your Logo and Caption to Movies, Movie Creation —  $19.99 a month

If you prefer to not DIY, feel free to contact us for the latest and greatest in web design, SEO, and social media services.

For An Extraordinary Web Experience,

The fundamentals of marketing remain the same as they always have been, but the new strategies and platforms are evolving that allow consumers to interact with brands on channels that simply did not exist a few years ago. It goes without saying that, when advertisements are ubiquitous, all content must be of the highest caliber. Accordingly, businesses need to be vigilant, agile, and sophisticated where marketing trends are concerned. Here are some key offerings that can help your business keep up on the marketing front and stay connected with your team, clients, and prospects.


In addition to the quality of content, it can also be important to control the timing of that content’s release. Buffer can help with this, as it allows you to choose when your content will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, each of which can be done at different times. It also allows you to caption your posts ahead of time and then update them later, as necessary.


No matter what you are planning or presenting, teamwork is an important component of any operation. Slack puts all of your tools in one place, allowing all team members to access everything — even if they are working at different times or in different locations. Slack’s growing ecosystem of third party apps, such as Google Drive, helps integrate more and more routine workflows into the team’s channels.


While some team members certainly prefer to work alone, some video-conferencing will always be inevitable. Many of these calls require complicated dial-in sequences, and they ultimately get lost in chatter where half the callers are trying to figure out who is speaking instead of paying attention. UberConference solves these problems. It requires no pin number to join a conference, and easy to view profiles indicate who is speaking at any given moment.


While most tasks can be performed through automation and the internet, there is still a need for face to face meetings with clients and investors from time to time. There is a great deal of research that is required to make these meetings successful, and Accompany is there to complete that work for you. It will give you executive briefings, including a breakdown of what the person does, the latest news and financial data for the company, the person’s posts on social media, and prompts to jog your memory based on your most recent email exchange. In short, it does the hours of review automatically so that you can be ready to go in a few minutes.


A direct email marketing campaign is still a valuable marketing tool, but no one has the time to sit all day sending emails and determining the benefits received from each transmission. This is especially true with MailChimp. Although it has been around for some time, it is the world’s largest marketing automation program, and it allows you to manage your email campaigns entirely from your cell phone. You can monitor campaigns, edit subscriber profiles, run multivariate reports, and even use your data to understand how your marketing impacts your bottom line — all from the palm of your hand.

Having good productivity is important. The greater your productivity, the higher your revenue and the lower your unit cost. However, many businesses struggle to get high levels of productivity.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Elon Musk is my favorite example of someone who has found a way to be highly productive. He has one secret strategy for this, that he has shared in interviews.


The first thing that Elon Musk does every day is spend half-an-hour dealing with critical emails. He looks for things that need to be done at once, or they might set back his day if left undone.

Another important task he does is schedule his day. He looks at what tasks are required for the day. He will ignore the tasks that won’t add any value to the final product and will do the tasks that will make the most impact first.

Your Business

The same needs to be said for your business. You should separate your tasks into three categories: critical, must do, and not important. Everything that is not important should be ignored, and then you do all the tasks starting with the critical list.

This might be more challenging if you are used to handling tasks on a First In – First Out basis. However, this is rather unproductive, and it can mean there are lost opportunities. Instead, you must schedule in everything.

Don’t Forget Downtime

It is important also to remember that you need downtime. Be sure to take time away from your business to relax. Elon Musk has several hobbies and interests that allow him to take a break from the business. This downtime can make you more productive when you are at work.

What are your productivity tips? What do you do to relax?

Let us know in the comments below.