Your website is vital in today’s online world. 81% of your potential customers will research your brand and products before they buy, and if you don’t have a quality website, it can limit your conversions.

The design of your website is critical to your conversion rate. A poorly designed website has been shown to negatively affect the opinion of your website’s visitors.

Bring In the experts

While designing a website and getting it online is no longer a challenge, getting your design perfect for consumers is. Most website agencies will agree that poor user experiences are the number one weakness for their clients.

Experts can elevate your website’s design so you can see better results. Normally, they can help you with three aspects:

  1. Page Design
    Expert website designers can help you create a site that matches the typical behaviors of internet browsers. For instance, heatmaps of where visitors read the most on a web page can be used to place important information in high visibility areas.
  2. User Experience
    Creating a website with a great user experience is challenging, and most customers will abandon a website without a good experience. Two such examples are when websites take longer than a couple seconds to load or when the website messaging is unclear. With the growth of mobile browsing, the user experience has become even more important.
  3. Search Results
    Search engine traffic should always be a primary concern for your brand’s website. There are 40,000 searches every second on Google, with most users coming to websites directly from a search engine. A good website design should provide you with a solid SEO foundation, using appropriate content and keywords, helping search engines and users easily discover your brand.


Your website is a major sales tool for your brand. While building a website in-house is possible; it doesn’t always yield the best results. Instead, consider hiring a professional website designer to give you the best chance of online success.

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