Community Scorecard™ is a powerful, flexible, and scalable software package with a unique approach to solving some of the biggest challenges elected and appointed officials face today which include effectively communicating with citizens and staff. It helps achieve a better level of transparency, increased citizen awareness and participation, and improved communication.

software application that tracks community goals
software application showing data graph

How We Created

Komaya developed the Community Scorecard web-based application working together with municipal leaders to create a highly flexible and scalable software package that provided a new way for elected officials to communicate with their communities. It addressed the heightened citizen expectations and demand for greater accountability, improved communication, and increased transparency. Using a web browser, users can quickly find relevant information, generate reports, and can even track the progress of city goals and initiatives.

Community Scorecard was built using the Azure cloud computing platform and was designed for ease of use, ease of implementation, and to seamlessly blend in with existing municipal websites.