Tesla Owners Club Pacific Northwest is a non-profit organization that brings together Tesla owners to share information, sponsor fun events, and provide education on EVs.

The Story

A website is an integral part of forming a local Tesla owners club for promoting EV awareness and attracting membership support. But with only 3 weeks to go before a big EV event, the club president was hard-pressed to get a website established in time.

How We Helped

Much to the president’s relief, Komaya volunteered our services and got a basic site up and running in time to promote the event. Post-event we continued designing and building out a fully functional club website, to include membership registration, event management, email services, and events calendar.

The website was built on a highly flexible platform that continues to grow in functionality as the club grows.

Our Work - Tesla Owners Club Pacific Northwest
Our Work - Tesla Owners Club Pacific Northwest
Komaya is the best! They care about their product AND their customers. They are easy and fun to work with and are incredibly responsive whenever I reached out to them with questions. I would definitely recommend you give them a try.

Tesla Owners Club Pacific Northwest