WealthFlex is working to transform the self-directed IRA by offering an ultra-intuitive online platform making it easy and cost-effective to access higher-yield private investments. Using the WealthFlex program, the hours, hoops and days/weeks/months the current process takes is eliminated.

The Story

WealthFlex wanted to improve their web presence and marketing reach.  They contacted Komaya to analyze, recommend, and address what needed to be done to promote their brand to reach new clients, new industry partners, and increase sales.

How We Helped

Komaya conducted a complete review assessing their market space, their placement, and their existing marketing strategy.  We went to work strengthening all aspects of their web presence and touchpoints with potential and existing clients and industry professionals.

This included promoting WealthFlex on local business directory platforms, establishing latest SEO best practices, redesigning the website to clearly convey the value of their unique product offering, adding chat functionality, developing marketing campaign landing pages, creating consistent messaging and branding across their social media channels, video library integration, and setting up website analytics for ongoing monitoring and fine-tuning.