Simba is the industry choice for standards-based data access and analytics solutions, and for innovation in data connectivity. A subsidiary of Magnitude Software, the unified data application management leader, Simba provides connectivity solutions that are pivotal to the vast operational efficiencies delivered by the Magnitude portfolio of products.

The Story

Simba’s Gateway platform is a breakthrough innovation in the way data connectivity is achieved, deployed, managed & maintained. As a very technical product, the original focus was on appealing to software vendors. They were interested in expanding the client base further into the Enterprise side.

How We Helped

Komaya was engaged to bring in a “fresh perspective” of the Gateway platform’s digital user experience (UX), interactions, and follow-through. The key goal of the UX review was to understand, and improve, the user experience based on two opposing user scenarios – one being a very technical audience, and the other an enterprise business user.

Komaya conducted detailed UX analysis and devised the strategy and design recommendations to increase user interest, engagement, and conversion. Our recommendations addressed the need for content & process clarity, guidance, and separation that appeals to the two unique audiences.

Today, the Gateway product can be easily understood by both technical and business users, and the streamlined download process has been well received by the clients.