Upwell Mortgage combines the advantages of leading-edge innovation with the power of human relationships. Their professional team works directly with customers to provide mortgage loans with competitive rates while also providing the convenience of technology.

The Story

Upwell Mortgage connected with Komaya with several goals in mind.  They wanted to implement a new web design, develop a new web application to integrate third-party services, add new features, and were looking for a new web platform that is highly flexible and customizable that will scale and grow along with their new business.

How We Helped

We began by addressing Upwell Mortgage’s top priority of utilizing a third-party service to present timely mortgage interest rates on their existing website in a professional and easy to use format. To deliver this functionality, we developed a portable application that would collect user inputs, call the third-party interface, and present the returned data in a user-friendly manner.

Incorporating their branding elements, we then created and delivered a new visually appealing, easy to use website built on the best-in-class WordPress CMS platform. Moving to this new platform enabled Upwell Mortgage to utilize the features they initially needed, easily make website content updates, and gives them the ability to extend the functionality as needed to support their growing business.

As an integral part of building the new website, we also addressed key search engine optimization (SEO) aspects throughout the design and development phases. We implemented targeted tools and techniques to help increase the discoverability of Upwell Mortgage’s brand and drive targeted leads to the website.