colorful aida logo image depicting what does my logo say about my business

What Does My Logo Say About My Business?

Your logo is a visual representation of your business and should garner attention, separate you from your competition, and communicate to your audience what your brand and message are. Here are a few things to consider about what your logo is saying about your business.
cell phone on desk with scrabble tiles and text asking is your social media account performing like it should be

Is Your Social Media Account Performing Like It Should Be?

Creating trending content that’s fresh and relevant can bring in higher interactions with both returning and potential followers of your brand and is an essential tool for long-term success. However, going a step further by paying close attention to your analytics can be an immeasurable asset to your return on investment (ROI). Here we discuss 3 tips for finding out if your social media account is performing like it should be.
girl with hands around brain circuitry with text of How AI Can Be Used To Enhance Your Website Experience

How AI Can Be Used To Enhance Your Website Experience

Artificial Intelligence has been on the rise in the technology sector for years, and until recently was a very specialized tool that only the most advanced companies and researchers were using. To better understand how AI can be used to enhance your website experience, we take a look at its two-fold impact; the customer experience and the company experience.
4 horses and horsemen depicting webpocalypse

Tips for a Powerful Web Presence: The Four Horsemen of the Webpocalypse

Tips for a Powerful Web Presence: No one can deny that having an effective web presence is key to the success of today’s business. I have discovered that this requires using a holistic approach. It’s not enough to just build a website, it’s not even enough to have search engines crawl your website, it is not enough to pour money into paid advertising campaigns, and it’s not enough to just create some social media accounts.
Two young women sitting on a bench with laptops depicting blogging mistaskes

Blogging Mistakes You Might Be Making

For many successful businesses, blogging is a key aspect of their marketing strategy. It is important to your business for a variety of reasons:  It establishes you as an authority in your field, it lets your customers know about your products and services, it shows everyone who you (and your employees) are personally, and it also sets the tone for your business.  Learn about 5 blogging mistakes you might be making.
fence boards in many colors depicting The Importance of Colors to your Brand

The Importance of Colors to your Brand

Color does make a difference. Consumers have preconceived notions of what certain colors mean. Understanding the importance of colors to your brand will help you choose the right ones to deliver your brand message.